Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Boudoir

Here is my bedroom and all sorts of things that reside within it ;)

Black on Black Ruffles. I made the round pillow.
Old Boudoir Doll

My great Grandmother Vanity with a 1880 Nun and other trinkets.
Old Boudoir Doll

Antique Compact 
My Dresser
Antique framed Postcard - Glass doorknob from my childhood bedroom.

My old 30's purse with some Victorian Mourning Hair Art pieces pinned on.

I re-painted these dressers. One was my Great Grandmothers. A touch of Rococo.
My Victorian Spider Ladies.


  1. You have great taste in decor, very inspirational!

  2. Is that the same bed from so many years ago?

    1. Why yes it is! I had it in storage for 15 years and decided to bring it out. I had to hand enamel paint it all again and it took like a month to dry. It's good to have it back up.


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