Saturday, August 17, 2013

Kissing Cookies

Oh how I most love thee - COOKIES, especially soft sugar cookies! I'm having a fit right now just thinking about them. *IF* I had some flour and sugar right now, I would soooo be in the kitchen making some! Sigh...

Anyways, I have founds some pictures of previous delights I have made for the Holidays and such as well as a few favorite cookie recipes ;)

These are really simple roll, drop and sprinkle - Soft Sugar Cookies.
This is what I use to make my cookie cut outs - Best Ever Butter Cookies.
Oh my gosh so easy powder wedding cookies - Wedding/Teacake Cookies.
Warm soft Autumn spice - Snickerdoodles Cookies.

Easter Iced Butter Cut Out Cookies.

Soft Sugar Cookies.

Warm Snickerdoodles Cookies.

Valentine Tea Party Iced Butter Cut Out Cookies.

Yay for Halloween Cut Out Cookies!

Mint Chip Brownies, Wedding Cookies, Soft Sugar Cookies for Christmas.


  1. The snicker doodles made me drool a little bit.

  2. Heheheh, I want right now but, not in the mood to go grocery shopping!


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