Sunday, August 18, 2013

Black Wreaths

I have a fascination with wreaths and the history of them. It's delightful to take a stroll (any day of the year) and see these beauties hanging in glory on the doors as I walk by. A few years back I made this Halloween wreath, however it got lost during my most recent move. I was soooooo bummed out. No way can I find another awesome skull spider like that again, as I have searched. ;(

These wreaths are so easy to make so today I made a new one for this year's Halloween ;) A bit different than the one before.

I get my supplies at Michael's - one vine wreath (I spay pained it black), black leaf garland and you will find random Halloween findings and flowers topped with ribbons of choice - then you put it all together to your liking's. That's it!

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