Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My Pretty Potions

I love me some perfume oils! I've been wearing them for years now. I remember my first petite bottle of Patchouli back in 86 (yes, I'm older). I fell in awe over it and I still have it - empty of course. Then came the Renaissance fairs with carts that sold perfumes of past times and such and so my collection began. With my needs of these pretty potions, I thought of this idea to keep them all organized and it fits my Victorian/Odd/Antique decor ;)

Vintage Shadow Box for my Perfume Oils

And now that Autumn is getting closer, one of my favorites Alkemia Perfumes just announced their Autumn scents! Alkemia has AMAZING perfumes - a must try. My favorites are Smoke & Mirrors and New Orleans Love Spell. I also have others that are at the top of my list and more to try. They are all lovely and offer sample sets!

Alkemia Perfumes

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