Saturday, April 12, 2014

Spoon Ring of Roses

Sometimes I just get a thought stuck into my head and just like that I wanted a spoon ring. It is said that during the 17th century England, servants would steal silver flatware from their employer and crafted them into wedding bands for their beloved. Such an act of love from beautifully carved spoons indeed make lovely symbols of commitment for richer or in this case, the poor. In the 60's, these sweet rings made their rounds again but this time for fashionable old world reasons as oppose to the poor man's ring.

Of course I got one with roses from The Plantation pattern flatware originally from 1881 and reproduced, as in this ring, in 1948 from Dzines Laura. Their are many gorgeous patterns you will come across from antique, vintage and new - I may have to get a few.


  1. Spoon rings are so beautiful! I used to look and them and covet them on etsy so often :D I love the pattern too, my parents own a set of cutlery with a similar one and I like it very much :)

    1. Their is something about them that I'm drawn too <3


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