Monday, March 10, 2014

Roses for You & I

Rose: Love, Psychic Powers, Healing, Divination, Luck, Protection - to reduce tension and upset.

This new year has brought about heartache and trauma but slowly I am regaining understanding and hope for a better year to come. On a path to recovery, a helping hand of Roses may guide the energies of comfort and healing - and this is such of my surroundings at this times.

I am loving these soaps from Auromere Ayurvedic in Himalayan Rose. A wonderful scent with outstanding ingredients.

A beautiful Rose perfume Oil by Sunshine Spa with the added  touch of Jasmine.

Rose scented nail polish - Revlon Parfumerie, African Tea Rose

I LOVE this authentic Rosewater by Heritage Products. This is great to spray on yourself for clearing your aura energy field when you are upset and feeling off. This is also refreshing to spray as a facial toner.

Rose flavored candy pastels, a favorite of mine - such a sweet treat.

This is divine! So wonderful this Victorian scent is. Badger Damascus Rose facial oil is like Heaven on tired, parched, upset skin that absorbs really well leaving a non greasy glowing effect. I love the packaging as well, I'm such a sucker for these colors.

Avon's Naturals came out this spring with this new scent, Cocoa and Rose - a charmer this is! It is more of a warm Cocoa then Rose but a sure favorite of mine!

And last, this relaxing facial mask that will have you under the Roses spell as you create positive healing time as you let go ...

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