Saturday, January 24, 2015

Double Action Reversing Spell

Today I am going to show you how to prepare a Double Action Reversing Candle. These candles come in different colors depending on your condition. Here I am using the black/white double action reversing candle which is good to use in reversing bad luck and bringing in good blessings and well being. As you can see, the candle itself reflects a reversed notion and with that, you WILL reverse it to cause a reversing effect on your intent. Below each photo I will explain what I did in the Hoodoo tradition:

Start with a double action candle of choice and cleanse it with Florida Water or salt.

To begin with reversing, you are going to reverse how the candle is burned - you will start by butting the light by cutting of the tip.
Next you will REVERSE the candle and create a new tip on the reversed end.
Our new tip is now created! Remember in every step you do, focus on the energies in your hands to charge each step with your intend!

Now your candle is now ready to dress in the oil chosen for your work.

Now let it burn! The idea is to burn off the bad condition with the black and as it reaches the while, blessing will begin to take over and manifest. Traditionally, the candle is burned on a mirror to reflect even more of a reversal with your enemy carved in the black section backwards and your name carved in the white section if you are reversing harm sent to you by another along with the appropriate oils and such. You may also use these to reverse bad habits or anything that you would like to change. 

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