Thursday, January 30, 2014

Toys & Books - To Scare You With My Dear

I use to be a huge toy collector as well as Occult books. Over the years I've had to slim down my collection to the items that mean most to me. Here are a few pictures of my collection - again, the colors of some images are distorted for some reason when I upload them on to Blogger ??? Oh well, at least it looks more creepy!

This is a coffin shelf I designed and made with my grandfather in 1994. I shall keep it forever because if that. Click on Read More ...

These are the first edition, Nightmare Before Christmas toys/dolls. I remember the joy of hunting the flea markets and toy conventions to find these! The Sally doll was my biggest pride!

The old white and red dolls are Casper and Wendy!!! What a treasure these were to find! Also on this shelf is a antique doll holding a vintage Japan bunny and Bella's Black Cat.

On the bottom you can see some of my Munster Dolls.

More doll/vintage haunting items.

Vintage Halloween items and other delights.

A few of my Occult book collection, some as far back from the 1800's.

I also collected "spooky" lunch boxes! This shelf is also antique and kinda falling apart! Haha.

Random stuff I picked up thrifting. Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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