Sunday, April 27, 2014

Chimes of Spoons & Forks

The other night, I had a dream that I moved into a gigantic, old, worn out Victorian house where the rooms never stop appearing. I see so much details in my dreams and in this house I looked up and saw it shimmer - a big chandelier made of spoons. I had to make it, or a smaller scale of it, so I made this flatware wind-chime to remind me - you can live in your Dreams. Click on "Read More" on how I made it.


You need to drill a small hole at the end of each flatware and two hole in the bent fork - one on each end. Use a piece of wood to drill on. You could also just wire wrap the flatware if you do not have a drill.
I used 6 pieces of flatware total - see how the fork prongs are bent at opposite directions with the ends curled. I used pliers for this but go slow or they could snap off!
Other supplies I used are crimp tubes found in the jewelry supplies, needle nose pliers to crimp the tubes with, illusion cord and various beads.
Lining up the beads I want to use - their will be 5 strands.
Here I thread  and knot the clear cord through the drilled hole a few times, then I place two crimping tubes at the end and clamp shut to insure the cord's knots will not come undone.
I use the same method above to attache all 5 beaded strands including the bottom center of the fork and the top of the fork, a small loop for hanging! 

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