Thursday, June 22, 2017

Midsummer ~ Litha Celebration

We enjoyed this years Litha celebrations!

We started Summer Solstice by gathering herbs, making a traditional sabbath honey cake, setting up our altars to honor the Sun in it longest day and prepared for Jessica's Midsummer party where we ate with friends, gave blessing for our Pagan path, made dream pillows and wrote out our wishes upon leaves.

I am so blessed to have the like-minded friends that I have and this year I've been really focused on my path and honoring every sabbat that has come along and will continue the best I can <3

Blessings to all!  

Harvested Wild Rosemary

Midsummer Charm!

Harvest Herbs

I made Litha Summer Solstice Incense.

My Litha Altar 

Lush Fruits and Florals 


Jessica's Altar

I made Traditional Sabbat Honey Cakes! Soon good! 

Made these for everyone to make Dream Pillows

Greg and Stephen

Chantell and Stephine

Finished my dream pillow

Greg and Jack - writing her wish on her leaves

A Midsummer Spell

Wish leaves to be buried and the girls wishing stones for the fairies

Milk and Cake for the fairies too!

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