Saturday, December 14, 2013

My Birthday

I had a wonderful day today on my Birthday! The day started out with a beautiful gift from my other half, my birthstone, the London Topaz followed by my Mother taking me out for low tea in a Christmas decorated historic home built in 1838 in Galveston - I will share a following post on the Menard House and the sweet historic candy shop I went to as well! I also went antique shopping, dining and went home to my lovely daughter and Ashley who surprised me with more sweets and gifts! All of it was fantastic indeed ;)

How beautiful is the London Topaz! It's a bit more teal in person. I'm so happy it's my birthstone!
LOVE my new ring - London Topaz
My beautiful flowers and gifts - and yes, I wanted a pizza pan and slicer! Look at that awesome candle holder!


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